About Us

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For all your Outdoor requirements!

At Maranata 4x4, you will be greeted by industry relevant experts that can assist in your every need regarding the outdoor & 4x4 fields. Never before has there been a company that can take you through the necessary details on 4x4 & outdoor products, along with being able to provide on-site fitment to perfection, as well as being able to help you get the maximum benefit of your vehicles & equipment, be it in the form of providing the necessary training, or by planning and leading your next tour / adventure into Africa. Maranata 4x4 provides TETA Accredited 4x4 Driver Training with Low Range 4x4 Academy.

Maranata 4x4 has been around since 1998, giving us a credible reputation for reliability, expert advice and services along with giving you the best possible products that you will need

Our Partners

Maranata 4x4 are proudly partnered with Nostophobic Adventures, and Low Range 4x4 Academy. Together with these Adventure & Outdoor Specialists, we have formed the Extreme Outdoor League, which caters for an industry leading 4x4 Competition League, which caters for any participant, whether you are starting out or are a veteran in the field of 4x4.